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Signs It's Time To Remove A Tree

tree removal signs

While tree removal may not be the type of task you want to address, sometimes it's just unavoidable. In some instances, you really need to take down a tree to avoid potential damages or injuries.

Bear in mind, this will still help beautify your yard and keep conditions safer. In order to make good choices about tree removal, it's important to know more about the red flags to be on the lookout for.

What to Watch For

Before that big dead tree comes down on its own, there are some signs to look for to indicate you'd better call in a pro:

  • A diseased tree can often be saved but at some point it's too late. Once the tree is too far gone and the condition escalates from sick to dying, it's time to get realistic about it. Look for symptoms like discolored leaves that have developed nodules, rotten roots, weak or rotting branches or trunk. The sooner you have it looked at by a professional tree removal company, the more likely you'll be to catch it before sickness takes hold.
  • Invasive roots are another sign you need to take out that tree. These roots can interfere with plumbing lines, break up your driveway, or even potentially be a hazard for the structural integrity of your home's foundation. Before this type of destruction takes hold, take out the tree.
  • The point of having trees is so they can grow big and strong but sometimes it can get out of control. If not trimmed along the way, you can end up with towering trees that can be too big for the space they're in, especially when too close to the house.
  • Of course, it could be that you need the tree gone because you're building an expansion to your home or outdoor living space. For instance, you can't install that in-ground pool until you've cleared some trees away.

Let the experts here at MJ Tree Service provide you with the tree removal company work you need done for your Eastlake home. We promise to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

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