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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Tree Removal

Q. Why Should I Get My Trees Trimmed?

A. There are a number of reasons why this is an important service to stay current with but the main focus is preventing damage to your home. Growing limbs will tear at the shingles and overhanging branches can fall on your roof. It's also the best thing to do for the health of the tree.

Q. Do I Need a Professional to Take Care of my Tree Removal?

A. Tree removal work is not the type of project you should attempt to DIY. There are too many safety risks and concerns with potential property damage or personal injury. Let a trained and experienced expert with the right equipment take care of the job for you.

Q. What's the Tree Removal Process?

A. There are many more steps than what we're including in this condensed answer. Simply put, we assess the tree in order to determine the condition and which way it should come down. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and then put them to work for us. Using the undercut and the back cut are instrumental in the success of a safely completed job.

Q. What Should I Look For in a Tree Removal Company?

A. Experience, quality, and reliability. All of these traits affect the workmanship, customer care, and even the pricing you'll receive. You should also only work with a professional who has secured insurance.

Q. Why Should a Tree Company Have Insurance?

A. You should only work with a company that has insurance coverage so you can protect yourself. Insurance protects against injury, damage, and ensures that you don't get help financially liable for any problems that develop.

Q. Is Stump Grinding Necessary?

A. While not usually required, stump grinding is often a good idea. Neglected stumps can grow, become a home for pests, and get in the way when mowing or landscaping. Other methods, such as using harsh chemicals to try to kill it, usually prove ineffective.

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