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Tree removal services

Is your Perry property plagued by aging or damaged trees? Contact the tree service professionals at MJ Tree Service today. We specialize in top-quality tree removal services that eliminate eyesores and potential hazards.

Removing a problem tree is just the beginning; stumps left behind can decrease property value and attract harmful insects. Trust MJ Tree Service for efficient stump grinding after tree removal.

Our Perry tree experts offer more than tree removal. We provide comprehensive tree care, including winter tree maintenance, ensuring your trees stay healthy year-round.

Call Us for Tree Removal

Even well-maintained trees can become unsafe over time due to aging and exposure. If your Perry home's trees pose a risk, contact us for professional tree removal services. We safely remove dead or dying trees, enhancing your property's safety and appearance.

Stump Grinding Services in Perry

Removing a problematic tree solves part of the issue, but stumps can present new problems such as trip hazards and insect attraction. Our stump grinding service ensures complete removal, eliminating all traces of the old tree.

  • A stump is a trip hazard.
  • A stump can detract from your home's curb appeal.
  • A stump can attract wood-boring insects.

Winter Tree Care in Perry

Protect your landscaping investment during harsh Perry winters with our professional winter tree care service. We prepare your trees to withstand winter's challenges, ensuring they emerge healthy and beautiful come spring.

Important Reasons to Leave Your Tree Care in the Hands of an Experienced Company

Caring for your trees is essential for ensuring your Northeast Ohio lawn is both visually appealing and healthy. Of course, to get the best quality of care, you need to leave your tree service work in the hands of a professional, but not just any professional. […]

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Ideas for Utilizing an Old Tree Stump

At some point, you may find your Northeast Ohio area home saddled with a decaying tree that's as unsafe as it is unsightly which will, naturally, necessitate a removal. This need is all but inevitable, as even the best-cared-for trees are bound to suffer from […]

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If you're seeking expert tree care in Perry, Ohio, call us at 440-269-8811 or complete our online service request form.